What is OpenApostille?(NEM / XEM)【BlockChain】

There is “NEM” in the Crypto currency / block chain project.
Generally, this NEM is said to have the advantage that it is easy to develop and implement compared to Ethereum etc., because excellent API is provided.

Due to its characteristics, various services such as XEMBook which can list activities of addresses by entering an address, TipNEM which can send chips on Twitter, etc. are being developed in Japan.

Among them, “Open Apostille” which expanded so that the existence proof system “Apostille” using the property of the block chain’s Immutability provided by default by NEM is more familiar can be used has been released by Daoka@DaokaTrade.
Announcement of OpenApostille which can publish public apostille created with NanoWallet

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→Official Site : https://www.openapostille.net/


Here, I wrote an article about apostille and open apostille easily.
If you read this and understand what apostille and open apostille are, please try it out.


What is Apostille?



Firstly I will review about Apostille on NEM.
I quote from the official document.

“NEM’s Apostille service is used for notarizing and checking the authenticity of files notarized on the NEM blockchain. Its uses are various, but one big one is to register important documents that need a certificate of origin and content. NEM provides these in a .zip file after a successful notarization, containing a .pdf of the certificate (apostille) along with the original file with a hash in its filename and updated .nty file which is your notarization history.

Apostille allows you to permanently record any document in the blockchain with a timestamp and proof of ownership.This proves you owned that intellectual property on a certain date. It also allows you to compare any future versions of your document and instantly detect whether any changes have been made.”



The point is that Apostille provided by NEM is a function that can record intellectual property by block chains.
This Apostille is integrated in NanoWallet.







About OpenApostille too, I will quote the explanation from the official website.


OpenApostille is a service with which you can share your Apostille created by NEM Wallet (NanoWallet) with everyone.
Your ideas, thoughs, illustrations, whatever you put into Apostile as a promise will be public and garner attentions by using OpenApostille.
Let’s make a certificate by NEM Apostile and share it by OpenApostille.


Briefly, OpenApostille made NEM’s Apostille more accessible.

Make Proof of Exsistence closer to you” = “OpenApostille“.



Apostille rough procedure


The Apostille rough procedure using OpenApostille can be explained easily as follows.


  • Notarize any data using NEM’s NanoWallet.
  • Upload the data returned by Zip to OpenApostille.


Important point


1.  There are two types of standard Apostille.

  • public
  • private

OpenApostille is primarily targeted for public Apostille data that anyone can browse the former publicly as “open”.


2. When uploading to OpenApostille, anyone can browse the address etc, so when notarizing it, I suggest you prepare things like “Notary Address”.
As another method, besides creating it in addition to the main, it seems that NanoWallet has a function that makes tree-like sub-addresses under certain conditions certainly, so it would be nice to make good use of them.


As a precaution, I also quote the statement on the official website.


  • Open Apostille deals with only “Public” Apostille information, not “Private, transferable, and updatable” Apostille.
  • Anyone will be able to see your files with OpenApostille, so please do not upload any confidential information on it.
  • File size is limited to 50MB
  • You needs “Delete Key” to delete your contents on OpenApostile. Keep your Delete Key in a safe place.
  • Open Apostille is a service which complements NEM Apostille. You should be careful of keeping an original file.



How to use


Step1 : Notarize any data using NEM’s NanoWallet.



Let notarize any data using NEM’s NanoWallet.

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Choose “Public” as storage location.


Drag and drop any data


It will be OK if it looks like this.


Since the ZIP file will be returned, save it in an arbitrary place.
OpenApostille uses this ZIP file.

This ZIP file is usually returned as “NEMsigned – Do not Edit – yyyy – mm – dd.zip“.
Be careful not to edit this file name.


Incidentally, it is like this when you thaw zipfile.


Step2 : Upload the data returned by Zip to OpenApostille.




Go to https://www.openapostille.net/.
Next, access the upload screen from “Upload your Apostille” and upload the returned ZIP file.



Upload the returned ZIP file named “NEMsigned – Do not Edit – yyyy – mm – dd.zip“.

It is a good idea to set the delete key together.
The work is completed  that’s all.



Browse Apostille data.


After completing the above work and completing publication in open apostille, it will be as follows.
(My case: I uploaded logo on my site.)



URL: https: //www.openapostille.net/detail/c2fe15c3b6b4a0f8ea45a3536765e542d17f7d6c4b15ff5179495de1777c8bd8


On the OpenApostille file, apostille information is acquired and displayed in the table as above.

You can also access the Apostille original file.
You can also view the certificate issued by Apostille.


NEM Certificate



Supplement: Announcement of logo pack published on Github





The official website of OpenApostille and the logo used for eye catching of this blog were designed by Rhime@CryptoRhizome, the administrator of the site here (rhizomebrain.net), and adopted by Daoka@DaokaTrade of OpenApostille developer.

Regarding that logo, developer Daoka was posted on Github as a logo pack.
I will link it below.
→ You can download from here. : https: //github.com/daoka/OpenApostille_Logo


Also, I will paste items that have removed the watermark of eye-catching image of this post, so please try using blogs etc. (That is, it is license free.)


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