【NEM / XEM】 nemket Report 2017 in Tokyo | Cryptocurrency Flea Market Event


On December 16, 2017, flea market “nemket” by XEM payment was held in Tokyo: Iriya.

Here, I would like to tell the atmosphere of the venue towards NEMber in the world.

I pasted a gallery with a caption at the end of the article.
you can see the state of nemket at a glance.

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What is NEM? What is nemket?



NEM is the project name of Blockchain Technology.
XEM is a native token (like a currency) that exists in the NEM’s block chain.


nemket is an flea market that allows you to buy and sell goods and services with XEM settlement.

nemket = NEM + MARKET.

This nemket was naturally planned launched from NEM’s community and it was held in Japan (Tokyo).


On the day of the nemket, not only the settlement with the cryotocurrency XEM, but also the plan and the mechanism using the original namespace and the mosaic were prepared, and it became the event utilizing the full function of NEM.



What is the concept of nemket?


「NEMber. Let’s settle with XEM. Let’s make a new economy. We are free.」


The concept is “to actually use the functions of NEM”.
Products and services lining up at each booth can only be purchased and provided using XEM, the mosaic of NEM.
Of course, participant can not use Japanese yen at the venue.


This nemket contains the following wishes of the organizer.

  • To participants, to feel like “What a great technology NEM is!” “I did not know that NEM has this function!”
  • To make participants understand that NEM is not just a speculative existence but a practical technique.



About entry system using mosaic.



The nemket management team wants the attention of NEMber of the world in this nemket is a mechanism of entrance using mosaic.
In this nemket, nemket administrators issued dedicated admission mosaics to participating applicants.

We prepared an application that could check if we owned this particular mosaic and introduced a system that allowed only people with legitimate rights to enter.

Regarding this attempt, depending on how it is applied, there is a possibility that it will be a practical technique as a system of admission tickets for movies, theater, etc., including tickets for events like this time.



What kind of items did it line up on the day’s nemket?



A total of 13 booths were exhibited at nemket.

These are roughly divided into two categories: “Accessories / miscellaneous goods” and “service”.


The main “Accessories / miscellaneous goods” is NEM goods.
Accessories such as pierced earrings and necklaces, miscellaneous goods such as bookmarks and postcards, other items such as towels and handkerchiefs were sold.

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Next, about the hosted services.

In this nemket, the following services were held.


  • Corner for general consultation on NEM / XEM.
  • Consultation with designers including SNS icons and brandings such as catch phrases etc.
  • Photo shooting service used for profiles etc. using studio set at the venue


All these were done with payment of NEM and mosaic issued using NEM.




What kind of people did you come to the nemket venue?



Many were young people in their 20s to 30s.
They are so-called “digital native”, who grew up touching electronic equipment from a young age, or those close to it, so they quickly adapted to cryptocurrencies such as NEM and used themselves with smart phone wallets was doing.

However, some people visited with children.

Children who were visiting means that the currency is not only the legal currency, but also a generation that can freely select over 1000 cryotocurrencies.
I hope that XEM is one of the currencies in it.




nemket Gallery






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